Back to school! Learning about social innovation

Revisely’s goal is to improve the quality of education for everyone. We aim to do this by offering solutions that support teachers at their job, giving students a higher chance to improve themselves and by giving the school board more information on the level of progress. While Revisely is growing rapidly, we do think it is important to maintain and further develop the social character of the company. In order to stay focused on social innovation and to explore further possibilities, Revisely participated at the EU-funded Social Innovation Community Summer School (SUMSIC 2017) in Bologna.

The Summer School was held at the University of Bologna from June 26th to June 30th. Social innovations are new strategies, concepts, organisations or ideas that meet the social needs of different elements which extend and strengthen civil society.  During SUMSIC 2017 opportunities were presented for a lively discussion about the role of regions as possible ecosystems for social innovation. A special emphasis was devoted to the importance of history and culture of a region for the development of such an ecosystem, as well as the role of institutions, private and public, to support and facilitate such development.

The school provided presentations of cases and experiences of social innovation in regions in and outside the EU, as well as general lectures and talks. SUMSIC 2017 was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about social innovation ecosystems. Working at multiple challenges during the workshops gained new insight into social innovation possibilities. To be continued!


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social innovation community