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Peer grading assignments

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When you want your students to learn from and with each other. And learn from writing a text, and from giving feedback on other texts, you can use the Peer grading feature in Revisely. Here you create a new assignment as was described earlier. The only difference is that you select at ‘Assignment type‘ for peer grading (see image above) and that you give extra instructions for your students so they know what is expected of them when doing a Peer Grading assignment. The system automatically combines a student who corrects together with a student who hands the text in. An assignment created with the Peer grading option can be recognised by the Peer grading icon (at the Assignment page)




When you click on the assignment you can see which students are linked to each other as peers for the assignment.


The process for students of receiving a notification of an assignment until handing in is the same as for an ordinary assignment, with one difference: the student appointed as a peer evaluator will receive a message as soon as the text he/she/they has to correct is handed-in. That’s when the peer feedback can be given to the assignment. The peer student provides feedback through open observarings. The peer can also assign a grade to the work of a fellow student. When the peer student has finished correcting, the feedback can be send. After that, the other student can view the document with the added feedback of the peer student. As a teacher you can also see the peer feedback that was given by the peers. Go to the respective assignment and click on the name of the peer grader. You will now be able to see the document and the feedback that was given to it. 
The document and the feedback of the peer grader look like the following (see image). You can now continue to review the text as a teacher and provide feedback.


If the student has already uploaded a document in the peer grading period, a new document cannot be added by the student temporarily. This is to avoid confusing the peer grading process for student and teacher (overwriting already graded documents etc.). Once the peer grading phase is over, the student can submit documents again until the end date.