With Mundily we want to reach the children and adults who currently do not have access to good education. Mundily connects teachers and students from all over the world and, hereby, enlarges the pool of good teachers who can offer quality feedback to students.

Digital tools offering a solution

750 million adults, of whom two-thirds are women, do not have the opportunity to have access to education in order to gain basic reading and writing skills. Digital tools can offer a solution to improve the youth and adult literacy and, hereby, also has a key role in improving the well-being of vulnerable populations.

Looking at the global educational situation, we are convinced that our mature platform for feedback on texts can also benefit those students who currently don’t have access to the same education as others. That is why we work on an online ‘marketplace’ to match those students with teachers/correctors who can help them improve their texts. Both the commercial and the non-commercial side of Revisely can learn from each other. More importantly, together we can further build on our goal to improve education in the world.