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What is Revisely?

Revisely is an online tool that helps teachers to give more and better feedback on texts to students in less time.

  • It helps teachers to save 20% of time correcting
  • Texts can be about any subject and have any form such as essays, papers and letters
  • The tool supports teachers during the entire process of setting, correcting and giving feedback on assignments
  • Optional built-in plagiarism-checker by Urkund
  • Teachers use our tool to easily add observations and feedback to the students’ texts, using Revisely’s built-in set of comments or writing their own
  • The peer grading option allows students to give each other feedback
  • Revisely’s correction tool works online in the web browser, no installation required, and can be used on desktops, laptops, tablets and iPads

How does Revisely work?

1. Create an assignment

The teacher sets an assignment or writing prompt for a class or other group of students. Apart from the assignment description, she/he can indicate which criteria will be used to correct the text. The teacher then sends the assignment to the students through Revisely.

2. Students hand-in texts

The students receive a notification of the new writing assignment. They will also receive a link to a personal Revisely page via e-mail and submit their text there in the application.

3. Teacher easily gives extensive feedback

The teacher can then access the texts and add her/his formative feedback to them. To do this, they can use the extensive built-in set of comments and observations (both positive and critical). These observations cover all aspects such as language use, grammar, spelling, structure, style and content. Of course, teachers can also add their own comments to the text.

4. Corrected text back to the student

When ready, the teacher returns the text with the feedback to their students, who again receive a notification by mail. Students can then view their work, a summary report of improvement points, the teacher’s observations and the feedback. With each observation, Revisely shows what the issue is and how it should be improved next time. Students can also zoom in on specific aspects such as language use, structure etc.

Who benefits from Revisely?

A digital writing assignment file is built up with extensive relevant feedback. They can always consult their progress and improvement points. Revisely is a modern form of a writing dossier and a good preparation for written exams.

A digital overview of the level of each of your students. The possibility to differentiate between individual students. A time-saving way to correct texts and add feedback.

A reliable application that saves teachers time, leaving more space for development within the section. A digital tool to monitor and benchmark the levels of students, classes, sections or even entire schools, colleges, faculties or universities.

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