Mart van Eijk, Dutch teacher – Rodenborch College

“Revisely offers a lot of benefits. The students are developing a lot better. “

Jan Haarhuis, Project manager – Utrecht University

‘Since a few years, we are working with software Revisely at the University of Utrecht. An application which works very well for feedback and assessment on written assignments like papers and essays for all subjects. This software that saves teachers time might also for other universities and schools be worthwhile to try out.’

Lieke van Maastricht, Assistant professor – Radboud University

“At International Business Communication Spanish, we are very enthusiastic about Revisely and find that it is an added value for students and teachers. (Peer) feedback using our own code set in Revisely is consistent, clear, and attractive to students. The options Revisely offers with regard to peer feedback motivate students to reflect on their own work and that of another.”

Anneke Memelink, Dutch teacher – Sondervick College

“Since the beginning of this school year, I have had 5 writing assignments for the fourth graders…I would never have done that if I had to do it all in writing. Then I just wouldn’t have had te time to correct it… it’s just much easier and quicker to correct with Revisely”

Joseph Barrett – Burleigh College

“why I prefer to use Revisely, this is because a lot of our students use their mobile phones to attend class and complete assignments as they are from poorer backgrounds and often don’t have access to a computer. Unfortunately, Google Classroom seems to have many issues when it comes to users accessing the classroom via mobile phone or tablet.”

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