Viewing feedback from your teacher

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Once you have submitted the assignment, your teacher or the classmate will work on peer grading. As soon as the feedback on your text is given and sent, you will receive another message to inform you that you can view the feedback. Many students view the first feedback as a grade and general comment on their smartphone. This works fine for Revisely. You can also find the feedback in the reviewed assignment without an e-mail message. The dashboard also displays the message that there is a new corrected assignment. When you click through to the assignment and the checked text you will see the screen below.

You will see the grades your teacher has given for the different criteria, the final grade, and general comments. When you scroll down, you will see your own text with the feedback and observations that your teacher has placed with the text.

The green marked text is about compliments, the brown marked text about improvement points and the blue marked text about open or own observations. This can be either positive or critical but also, as in this example, contain an open question or a tip for the next assignment.


By selecting the different tabs in the upper right corner, you can focus your attention on a specific type of feedback. In the margin you see the observation and you see a dotted line to the part of the text to which this observation refers. When you select an observation in the margin, more information appears. When you click on the + sign, a pop-up screen appears with more information, theory and tips for improvement. This way the feedback has even more meaning and you know better how to avoid mistakes next time