Outsource the marking and grading of your students' texts!

As a teacher, you can reduce your workload by outsourcing the correction, marking and grading of your students’ texts via Revisely. Next year we will make this process even easier in our tool. Within our online platform we want to match busy teachers with other professionals who can give feedback on assignments for them. This results in less workload for teachers, reduces the teacher shortage in schools and ensures better qualitative feedback for the student.

How does it work?

1. Posting of students’ texts

A teacher can easily put texts that need to be corrected on the Revisely platform and mention the elements that are important for the evaluation.

2. Matching with external reviewer

The assignment is linked to an external reviewer with the most suitable profile in order to give good qualitative feedback on the performance of your students.

3. External reviewer marks and grades the document

The external reviewer receives a notification and corrects the texts. (S)he gives extensive qualitative feedback and a grade per student.

4. Teacher reviews the given feedback

The teacher looks at the corrected texts and may add extra feedback and then send the feedback to the students. The teacher can evaluate the quality of the work of the external reviewer and give a review of his or her work.

The benefits at a glance

For the teachers

  • Teachers have more time to focus on teaching
  • There is more time to prepare lessons
  • This solution counteracts the high working pressure

For the students

  • Students receive more qualitative feedback
  • The learning experience for students is improved

For the school management

  • The employability of teachers is further increased
  • Fewer teacher outages
  • Less worries about recruitment and selection of scarce teachers

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