Revisely Integrates GPTZero to Detect AI-Generated Text in Student Documents

Revisely, a leading grading and feedback platform for teachers and professors, has announced the integration of GPTZero, a new tool designed to detect AI-generated text in student documents. This integration will aid in maintaining academic integrity and preventing plagiarism.

The CEO of Revisely, Jeroen Fransen, highlighted the challenge that teachers face in not being able to differentiate between text written by students and AI models. “With the integration of GPTZero, we are providing our users with an essential tool that will help them identify and take appropriate action in cases where AI-generated text is detected,” Fransen added.

GPTZero is an advanced AI language tool that can identify text generated by other AI models, such as #ChatGPT. When a teacher or lecturer receives a student’s document for grading, the GPTZero tool within Revisely can scan the document for AI-generated text. If any such text is detected, it will be highlighted and labeled for the teacher’s review.GPTZero Revisely detector

Revisely is committed to providing innovative tools and features that enhance the grading and feedback process for educators. This integration with GPTZero is a significant step in maintaining academic integrity while providing valuable insights to its users. By integrating GPTZero, Revisely is also continuing its mission of providing educators with efficient solutions that maintain academic integrity while helping students receive the feedback they need to succeed.

About Revisely:
Revisely is a leading grading and feedback platform founded in 2014. The company provides innovative solutions to help educators save time, increase efficiency, and maintain academic integrity. For more information on Revisely and its integration with GPTZero, visit our website or contact us directly.