Revisely now available at Utrecht University!

License agreement
Revisely, the online tool for teachers to give fast, more and better feedback to texts, started a new partnership with one of the biggest universities of the Netherlands, Utrecht University (UU). Since September 2016, UU used Revisely to correct and provide their students’ essays and papers of feedback. After one year of testing and intensive cooperation, UU and Revisely concluded a license agreement for four years.  Teachers at UU can now correct assignments efficiently so students are easily provided with extensive feedback at their work. 

New project to improve students’ writing skills
UU and Revisely also started a new collaboration on a new innovation project on students’ writing skills. The aim of the university is to improve the level of writing skills of graduating students from all different fields of study with a better level of writing skills. Together, the UU and Revisely, will look for ways how the online application tool can contribute to this. This project is expected to roll out later this year.


And… we also have something else to celebrate..

Revisely now counts 185.000 users!