Teaching & Learning Lab Autumn Festival

On Friday November 30, the Teaching & Learning Lab Autumn Festival will take place. This is an event organized by Utrecht University where visitors can take part in various activities. From augmented reality to e-assessment and from creating your personal learning space to presentations on the use of new technology in education. There will be several thematic strands and includes diverse workshops. And…Revisely will also join the program!

Autumn festival 2017

Would you like to have an impression of the autumn festival 2017?

Find the blog, vlogs and pictures here!

More information

Please visit the website of University Utrecht for more information about the Autumn festival 2018 and to see the complete program/schedule.


Revisely sets itself the aim to improve education. We do this by offering an online correction tool that supports teachers with their work, increasing students’ chances to improve and offering the school board a better insight into the overall progress.

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