The Global Education and Skills Forum 2018, organised by the Varkey Foundation, is bringing together high-potential educational technology start-ups with Ministers, policymakers, investors, donors, charities and educationalists from around the world. The goal of this event is to meet and discuss how technology can improve the future of education and create more equal chances for all. Within this forum, the new ‘Tomorrow’ event is organised where solutions to tomorrow’s problems are showcased.

Revisely is more than happy to be a part of that change!

Improving education


Looking at the global educational situation, we are convinced that our mature platform for feedback on texts can also benefit those students who currently don’t have access to the same education as others. That is why we’ll work on a ‘marketplace’ to match those students with teachers/correctors who can help them improve their texts. Both the commercial and the non-commercial side of Revisely can learn from each other. More importantly, together we can further build on our goal to improve education in the world.


Revisely sets itself the aim to improve education. We do this by offering an online correction tool that supports teachers with their work, increasing students’ chances to improve and offering the school board a better insight into the overall progress.

Find here more information about Revisely

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