Revisely is a very transparent and easy to use application. In order to make you as familiar as possible to all the features of Revisely, we created several support and advice channels.

Getting started

Follow these quick and easy steps to start using Revisely!


Create an account

Create a free account to get started. With the trial account you can see for yourself what it’s like to correct documents online.


Test Revisely one month for free

We’d like you to get a good feel of what Revisely can do for your school or university before you obtain a licence.  Therefore, a one-month Revisely trial account is free of any costs.


Start using Revisely!

If you like to continue using Revisely you can obtain a licence. The price depends upon the duration of the contract, the number of users and in what languages the online application is used.


In our manual you can find an explanation about how to use Revisely. Here, you can also find videos to help you on your way with Revisely.


Watch the manual videos to learn everything about Revisely

Find more videos here!

Book a free workshop or online training!

Try Revisely for free with a group of teachers from your school or university? Simply request a test account for the entire school or university and receive a free workshop or training!

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