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Extra feature: Team hand-in

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Besides the extra Peer Grading option, there is also the extra feature called Team hand-ins One of the options of creating a new assignment is “team hand-in” This can be used to have a number of students work together on a single text and hand it in. As a teacher, you only have to correct the text of one of the teammates. All team members can view the same feedback and assessment after the correction.

Below you will find a brief description of how this functionality works and what steps you need to take to use it successfully.

Select at Assignment type the option Hand-in per team + only teacher grades

then select how many students there are in each team. The Team hand-in feature within Revisely is designed in such a way that the system itself randomly divides students from a class/group into teams. This can be modified in a later stage. This will be explained later on.

Once you press ‘Save’, the Team hand-in assignment is saved. The icon shown in the image below indicates it is a team assignment. Also, when clicking on this button you can see (and make modifications in the Team divisions.

The image below shows the team divisions and the possibilities of changing the teams. The example is not entirely representative of such an assignment as there is only one test student in this class/group. At least one team must have two or more students in it.

The image above shows how to change the teams. You select a student in the left box and then select a class/group in the box on the right side. Then press ‘move’ on the green button in the middle. To see an overview of all the teams and the students that are part of all different teams, scroll down the page.