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Peer grading – give feedback yourself

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In a ‘Peer grading’ assignment, students give feedback on each other’s texts. In this way, you not only learn from making the assignment or from the feedback that was given afterwards by your teacher, but you also learn from giving feedback on the work of others. This makes you look more critically as the assessment criteria of an assignment, for example.

Via Revisely and an e-mail, you will immediately be notified when your peer handed in his/her/their document and when you can start giving peer feedback to it. When you go to the peer grade assignment via Revisely,  you will see the follow image.

Select the part of the text you want to give feedback on. Then click on the icon in the top menu bar. Then type your observation about this part of the text in the pop-up window. An observation can be positive in the form of a compliment, critical in the form of a point for improvement and neutral in the form of an open question or a suggestion for a source or sample text.


How do you give good peer feedback?

4 tips to give good feedback:

  • Give your feedback based on the assessment criteria of the assignment. Base your feedback on this and also refer to it.
  • Provide clear feedback; concrete and supported with arguments.
  • Let your feedback include suggestions for improvements. So be sure to indicate where your fellow student needs to adjust something to improve the work.
  • Talk to each other about the feedback. Ask questions when feedback is not clear.


View the feedback that was given to you

Go to the recently corrected assignments from the Dashboard. Click the assignment of which you want to see the peer feedback (and feedback from your teacher).

Then click on the menu on the right to switch from the feedback given by your teacher to that given by your fellow student.



If you have already uploaded a document in the peer grading period, a new document cannot be added temporarily. This is to avoid confusing the peer grading process for student and teacher (overwriting already graded documents etc.). Once the peer grading phase is over, you can submit documents again until the end date.