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What can you do with Revisely within Teams

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Revisely’s application in combination with Microsoft Teams lets you use the following functionalities. 

  • Teachers and students can enter Revisely’s web application in a tab
  • Teachers can also add, modify Revisely assignments through Teams Assignment options
  • Students can hand in documents for assignments in Revisely after entering Revisely through Teams
  • Documents can be handed in in many different formats, including PDF, Word and Open Office.
  • Teachers can grade and give feedback on students’ documents in Revisely
  • Teachers can send the results to students
  • Students can see the grade in Teams and see the feedback on their work in Revisely
  • Authentication works through SSO
  • School data synchronisation from Teams to Revisely in the background
  • Results synchronisation from Revisely to Teams in the background
  • Assignments synchronisation from Teams to Revisely in the background


Additional functionality is pre-existing in Revisely’s application and not specific for the integration with Teams. 

  • Peer grading (students grade each other’s work)
  • Collaboration through Team hand-ins (one student hands in on behalf of a team of students; results go back to all)