New release: Revisely now a broad tool for all courses at school/university

Revisely, the online tool for teachers to give fast, more and better feedback to texts, is further improved in its new update. One of the improvements is the new feature to upload texts as a PDF file. It is now possible to use Revisely for all classes and courses at your educational institution.

These new possibilities are of great benefit to schools. Revisely is not only useful anymore for language courses/classes but can be used by the entire school or university. From papers or exams to powerpoint presentations, Revisely is of great use for every assignment. Therefore, more teachers are able to save time and keep overview of the performances. Managers benefit from the reporting tools showing the development of the entire school and students receive richer feedback in multiple courses/subjects. For example, the Peer grading and Team hand-in options of Revisely help students to learn from and with each other in all courses. Additionally, it is beneficial to use Revisely as a  broad tool for all classes/courses since the costs can be shared between different sections at your educational institution.


PDF-document upload

The main focus of Revisely was always on language teachers and their correction of texts. When the assignment is handed-in digitally, the student can directly type the text in Revisely itself or copy and paste it from a Word-file.  It worked well, however it wasn’t possible to include any charts or graphics. In order to offer a solution for time-consuming correcting for geography or biology teachers as well, we have extended Revisely with a brand new option. Next to copy-pasting texts into Revisely, it is now also possible to upload the text as a PDF-file.



The submission page

The texts that are submitted by the students are now easy to be found at the submission page.  Teachers can see at a glance what texts are submitted and which students need to receive a reminder. Teachers are also able to download the original documents that were handed in by the student on this page.



Extension of sorting options

Expanded sorting options in the list of assignments and texts.


Duplicate assignment

Teachers can also duplicate assignments in the new update of Revisely. This saves a lot of time when you created an earlier (similar) assignment in Revisely.


Block submissions

Finally, we added a new option what enables the teacher to manually block any future submissions. After choosing this option, you won’t allow any new texts to be submitted.



Learn more?

Let us know if you would like to have a workshop and/or training for teachers at your school.


Revisely is a good solution to add to an LMS, a digital learning method or to complement a regular educational book. Learn more at our partnering page.