Revisely goes global: Expanding to the Philippines to improve the grading process for teachers

Revisely, the online text correction tool used by teachers around the world, is excited to announce their expansion into the Philippine market with our new partners at C&E Publishing, Inc. C&E Publishing is a leading provider of educational materials and has been a trusted partner to schools in the Philippines for over 60 years.

As online learning has become increasingly important during the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for tools that facilitate effective online education has skyrocketed. Revisely’s intuitive platform provides teachers with the ability to give insightful feedback on their students’ written work in less time, freeing them up to focus on other aspects of teaching.

With its expansion into the Philippines, Revisely hopes to provide teachers in the region with a powerful tool to help their students improve their writing skills and enhance the learning experience. The online text correction tool will enable teachers to give more in-depth feedback on their students’ work, with the ability to add comments and suggestions on both the content and the writing style.

Revisely’s integration with other tools like plagiarism checkers, team hand-ins, and peer grading and feedback will also be available to Filipino teachers, allowing them to create a more interactive and collaborative learning environment for their students.

With Revisely’s expansion into the Philippines and partnership with C&E Publishing, teachers in the region now have access to a powerful online text correction tool that can help them improve their students’ writing skills and enhance their overall learning experience.