Revisely welcomes multiple types of partnerships so together we can help students around the world improve their writing skills. Collaborations can be both local to your market or global in scope. 

Educational publishers

Are you looking for ways to complement your (digital) learning method? And are you looking for the right tool to support your writing assignments? Revisely can help educational publishers to provide (digital) learning solutions.

Revisely’s online web app makes it easy for teachers to give good feedback on texts to students. Thanks to built-in structured comments, students get better feedback with less work for the teacher. The built-in comments include specific content to help students understand what and how to improve. A great way to increase your digital offering and adding a revenue stream.

Possibilities for collaboration include:

  • referring to your paper content from Revisely’s feedback (complementing your paper-based method with a digital format)
  • referring to your digital content with a link (to increase engagement with your digital content)
  • integrating your content as feedback to students (to improve consistency)
  • integrating your writing assignment prompts in Revisely’s library (to save teachers time)
  • integrating our correction and feedback tool completely in your digital platform (adding value to your offering)

Educational system providers

Digital correction of and feedback on texts is rapidly becoming the norm in secondary and higher education. Are you looking to complement the functionality within your Learning Management System (LMS), VLE, SIS or Learning Administration System (LAS)?

Revisely is the best tool for correcting, reviewing and grading writing assignments and providing more and more insightful feedback to students. The right choice if you are looking to complement your offering and increase your revenues with such a functionality.

Possibilities for collaboration include:

  • single sign-0n – SSO (to bring down barriers for teachers and students)
  • exchanging school, teacher, group/class and student data (making it even easier for schools)
  • LTI integration (standardised integration in the form of a plugin)
  • integrating Revisely’s correction and feedback tool fully in your system (adding value to your offering)

Resellers and distributors

Are you looking to expand your offering to the educational market? And are you looking to increase your revenue?

Writing skills are very important. In fact, in many countries, improving the writing skills of students seems to be higher on the agenda than ever, especially when combined with digital skills.

Revisely supports teachers during the entire process of writing assignments: from creating an assignment thru checking for plagiarism, all the way to giving insightful feedback and monitoring the hand-in and correction process. Therefore, Revisely is giving teachers a comfortable tool for text correction, students a tool to improve their writing skills and you a tool to complete your portfolio as a reseller.

Possibilities for collaboration include:

  • adding Revisely to your portfolio or app store

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