Peer grading

At Revisely we want to help teachers to give more insightful feedback to improve a student’s learning. We strongly believe in the power of feedback and decided to expand Revisely’s features further with peer grading. We want to challenge the traditional view of teachers being the sole feedback givers by letting students partake in giving feedback to each other.

More feedback

Students learn from the review process itself and receive more feedback from their peers and teachers. It’s not only a process for peers to determine grades for one another. The value lies in the extra feedback, in learning from other possible solutions and in learning from the grading process itself. With Revisely, students learn to give and to receive feedback, a skill that will serve them for years to come.

More knowledge

Research shows that learning mostly occurs through social interaction. When students evaluate the work of their peers they memorize things better and acquire new techniques and skills. They need to be able to understand the study material and reflect on it, so they also understand the assignment better for their own writing.

More engagement

Having some ownership of the assessment increases engagement with the process and with the subject. More engagement makes for more motivated students. And motivation is a key success factor in increasing learning efficiency.

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