Revisely and Ingegno team up to introduce Revisely’s online correction tool in India

Ingegno and Revisely announced a partnership to introduce schools in India to online text correction where students receive better feedback without extra work for the teacher.

Ingegno has shown a lot of experience in, amongst others, the content domain of learning technologies. They developed India’s first educational portal  and Identity Access Management System (IAM) named “India Grid for Learning” (IGfL). The IGfL allows educational institutions to access the appropriate high-qualitative educational technology providers through one simple application. At the same time the IGfL application provides Revisely the opportunity to come on board and access the education market in India.

Moving to India is an important step for Revisely. India has a big population of students for what we think this number is only set to grow. The Indian government are therefore embracing technological learning as a way to face the challenge of rapidly educating the working-class populations as they move from industrial towards a skill-based economy. Therefore, the idea that the Indian government, Ingegno and Revisely all embrace is that technology will change education for better.