Teachers from Utrecht University get down to work with Revisely

Educate-it offers teachers from Utrecht University a broad range of IT tools to help realising education goals. Revisely is also available for teachers and students of Utrecht University.

How can I get started?

  • For some initial exploration of Revisely, you can apply for a trial account.
  • If you want to actually start working with Revisely, please follow these steps to get you started:
  1. Send an e-mail to educate-itbalie@uu.nl (of fill out the contact form) in which you state that you want to start using Revisely. Do this no later than ten work days before you want to start using Revisely.
  2. Educate-it will contact you within three work days to create your course environment in Revisely. We also advise you to make an appointment with our pedagogical advisor to talk about the implementation of Revisely within your education.
  3. Upload your assignment, corresponding assessment criteria, and settings to Revisely. Link your students to the assignment. See manual for more information. Possibly, Educate-it can assist you with these steps.
  4. Invite students to the course in Revisely by sending a message to hand-in an assignment. Students log-in using their SolisIDs, and hand these in through Revisely.
  5. Give feedback and grade the assignment.
  6. Inform your students through Revisely when their assignments have been graded, they can then log-in to Revisely and see their feedback and assessment.

Educate-it made several videos about Revisely to inform teachers:


For more information go to: https://educate-it.uu.nl/toolwijzer/#tool-feedbacktool

Do you want to prepare your students for giving effective feedback? Show them this video!