The Advantages of giving Feedback with Revisely

Feedback is a crucial part of the learning process, but providing timely and effective feedback to each student can be a time-consuming task for educators. Fortunately, tools like Revisely can help to automate this process, saving teachers time and providing more consistent and objective feedback. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of using Revisely for giving feedback .

Save Time with Automated Feedback
With Revisely, teachers can create customized comment banks that they can use to provide feedback quickly and easily. These comment banks can include common comments that teachers use frequently, such as “Good job” or “Needs improvement.” By using these comment banks, teachers can provide feedback with just a few clicks, saving them time that they can use to focus on other important tasks.

More Consistent and Objective Feedback
Giving feedback with Revisely also provides more consistent and objective feedback to students. Since the feedback can be based on a set of predefined criteria, it eliminates the potential for bias or subjectivity in the grading process. Also, it is possible to anonymise the students that handed-in their documents. This also ensures that all students receive the same level of feedback, and teachers don’t get biased when grading their work.

Additional Benefits of Revisely
Revisely also offers other features that can help educators. These include built-in observation sets, optional plagiarism check, peer grading, team hand-in, outsource possibilities and insightful reporting and being a online portfolio,

Built-in observation sets allow teachers to create their own sets of criteria for grading and feedback, based on their specific needs and objectives. The optional plagiarism check feature can help to ensure that students are submitting original work, and the insightful reporting and portfolio feature allows teachers to track their students’ progress over time.

Peer grading and team hand-in features allow students to collaborate and learn from each other, while the outsource possibilities feature allows teachers to outsource grading to other educators or even to Revisely’s team of trained graders. These features can help to create a more collaborative and engaging learning environment for students.

In conclusion, automated feedback with Revisely offers a range of benefits for educators, including saving time, providing more consistent and objective feedback, and offering additional features to enhance the learning experience. By using tools like Revisely, educators can create a more efficient and effective feedback process, helping their students to achieve their full potential.